Yellow Rugs

yellow rugs

A yellow rug is designed to bring the color of sunshine into the room. The color is great for getting people going in the morning, even on the most dreary winter days. The color lifts the spirits, yet is not overpowering in its influence. A yellow area rug for the nursery is a more neutral color than pink or blue which tend to have a gender-specific connotation.

For adults, the placement of yellow rugs in a bedroom is a welcome choice. The color brings warmth to a room. It is often paired with white to bring a spring and summer season appearance to the room. When the colder weather is present, the yellow solid color is a warming and brightening element in an otherwise cold space. Yellow comes in a range of intensity and hue which begin with the pale yellow of crocus in the spring all the way to the richness of antique gold.

Yellow can also be combined with other colors in a patterned area rug. The touches of yellow allow for a larger area rug to be used without a a presence that overpowers the room. Yellow geometric patterns, or even a floral motif add liveliness to the room.

When you visit our showroom outlet, you can wander through the various yellow rug options which we present. Our rugs are high quality and yet are affordable. You can shop for the perfect color palette for your home, apartment or condo. The right color is a key element in the top-tier design of every room of your residence.

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