Wool Rugs

Some of the oldest rugs extant in the world are made of wool. Although methods of manufacturing rugs have been modernized and mechanized, the quality of a wool rug is still recognized by homeowners.  The cost of wool is higher than that of some of the other fibers, particularly synthetic fibers. Many people like the durability of wool and the number of colors available using it. There are large stores of wool so the carpets are available. Some wool rugs incorporate man-made fibers to reduce the cost.

Wool area rugs are available in woven styles, as well as in short or long pile types. The length of the pile can help to determine whether a specific rug is suitable for a particular space. For example, you don't want to use a long pile or shag carpet in an area that must be cleaned frequently due to traffic.

Wool braided rugs are often found as showpieces in a room that has the display space on the floor. The variation of colors in the braid,  often is used to blend several shades within the rug with lighter and darker intensity. Braided floor coverings are often considered a more traditional style that others, even though they are manufactured in factories rather than by hand today.                                                                                  

A sheepskin rug is a showpiece floor covering. The genuine pelts can be a single pelt or multiple when a larger area rug is desired. The wool can be long or close trimmed. Either way, it is soft and thick when you sink your toes into the wool.

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