white rugs

For certain types of rooms, nothing but a white rug will set off the décor and the furnishings in a satisfactory way. The room cannot be one which opens onto a patio or deck, since the problem of keeping a white area rug looking clean and fresh is not something to be ignored. The technology of today has made great strides in developing man-made materials which are stain, dirt and grease repellent, but it is not perfect. The use of a white floor covering is a challenging problem, but one which some people are willing to take on.

You may choose to use a white floor covering in a bedroom to enjoy plush comfort in a thick pile as you step from bed to floor. Since a bedroom rug typically doesn't see as much wear and tear from outdoor debris tracked into the house, the lighter color or white is acceptable. It can also be paired with other solid colors or patterns for a minimalist look in the living room.  Bright contrasting colors in large furniture pieces offer an exciting décor statement. When the floor covering is white, one or two additional colors are all that you need.

When you shop for high quality rug, regardless of the color you choose, you should always be concerned with the way in which it will be cleaned. The best white or other light colored rug will have stain protection features built into the fiber and the backing. We have a selection of rugs in solid colors and patterns. These are available when you visit our showroom or our online outlet.

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