Viscose Rugs

Viscose rugs are a type of man-made material used in rugs, primarily because they are inexpensive to produce. Affordable rugs are nice to have, but with this particular type of fiber, don't plan on a long life span. Where you want a spot of color or pattern to protect the floor beneath, a viscose rug will suit your needs very well.

There are some characteristics of these rugs which make them attractive, but there are some features which you should be aware of before spending a lot of money on them. They are inexpensive. If you want a rug that is purely for decorative purposes for a short time, this is a product that you will appreciate. You can buy it cheaply and use it for a season or two and discard it.

You should be aware that viscose (rayon) doesn't hold dye as well as some other rug fibers. If the rug become damp, the dye tends to bleed into other parts of the rug, or onto surrounding surfaces. Professional cleaners take special precautions when cleaning a viscose area rug, because they know how easily things can go wrong during the cleaning process.

We offer a wide variety of these inexpensive rugs to fit precise needs of our customers, You can visit our showroom to look for ideas and to compare various grades and fiber types to choose the best one for your preferences. Looking at the true colors may help you in your decision. You also get to do the touch test to determine whether this rug has the tactile qualities you are hoping for.

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