Turkish Rugs

turkish area rugs

Turkish rugs have been well known for centuries. They are just one of the general classification called Oriental rugs. Turkish silk rugs and wool rugs are well established, beginning in the historical period for tribal peoples and ethnic groups both in Turkey and Central Asia. Turkish rugs for sale include those made by Turks living anywhere. Large congregations are found east of Anatolia. Turkish carpets are also called Anatolian rugs.

Many distinct styles of rugs come from various areas of Anatolia. There are differences in materials, patterns, construction process, motif, intended use and cultural identity. However, Turkish products can be fairly easily distinguished from Persian or Caucasian carpets. Some of the distinguishing characteristics include colors and the classic double knot.

Handmade rugs make use of only natural fibers. Wool, silk and cotton are widely used. The wool sometimes comes from goats and camels, but more commonly it comes from sheep. Wool is soft, pliable and less expensive to work with. These rugs often use natural dyes or sometimes no dye at all.

Variations in the materials are created from wool on cotton, wool on wool, silk on silk or other combinations makes the difference between the intricacy of the patterns and the fineness of the finished product. Silk on silk is the most desirable.

Proper care of these carpets will be dependent upon the type of fibers and production methods used. In each instance, your best action plan is to let the professional cleaners suggest the safest cleaning approach. The rugs will last longer and look better throughout their lifetime.

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