Tribal Rugs

tribal rugs

Early examples of rugs from specific tribal areas were woven using specific patterns, usually geometric. The rugs tended to be smaller in format. The designs often had a symbolic meaning. They are the cultural heritage of the generations of weavers who created the designs and used them over and over again. Today, tribal rugs can be found in larger sizes and quantities, thanks to the technology and market for them. A tribal print rug makes a striking addition to the décor of homes today. They are highly valued and are considered an investment as much as a floor covering.

Tribal area rugs may contain a border, a medallion or a center field with geometric shapes. The colors tend to be warm and rich, with hues tending to be from the typical colors of the area where the particular tribe originated. In other words, sand colors for tribes who hailed from desert areas.

Symmetry is another common feature of tribal designs. You will usually see geometric shapes repeated in the borders as well as in the interior central field. Even though the designs are recognizable as belonging to a particular tribal group, the individual weavers will usually put their own touches on a hand-made rug. No two will be exactly the same.

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