transitional area rugs

Transitional rugs fall between the traditional styles which include Orientals and Victorian designs, and contemporary styles. While all three types are beautiful and are desirable, there are some differences which will distinguish between traditional and transitional area rugs. Transitional floor coverings combine contemporary designs with the elegant style typical of traditional rugs. The luxury of traditionals is combined with the warm and welcoming look that transitionals offer.

A significant difference between the two types of rugs is the color. Traditional rugs usually are created in a somewhat limited color range. These can include burgundy, navy, black, red, green and white. Transitional floor coverings, on the other hand will often show a range of colors to complete the desired design. Experimentation is welcomed.

Designs of the transitional products show a much greater range of experimentation  in that characteristic. You will be able to find many different designs which go beyond the floral patterns of traditional styles. Transitional products will include trees, flowers and other scenes from nature.

The range of different rug types is a welcome change from just the traditional look which was all that was available for many years. While many still appreciate the beauty and elegance of traditional rugs, others who are not yet ready to move to a contemporary rug design will find transitional rugs to be a welcome option. The benefit of being able to find so many styles colors and sizes in one location makes shopping much more enjoyable. Online or in the showroom, luxury rugs are a “must have” when creating a home which is a showplace.

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