traditional rugs

Traditional rugs can mean various things to various people.  Generally, traditional area rugs are those which come from the master weavers or their designs. Many of the designs are handed down from father to son over countless generations. The designs are usually linked to the area of the world from which the weaver comes. Rug collectors are able to identify the origin of the traditional wool rugs  by the designs which are displayed.

The rugs may be labeled as Orientals, Persian or Turkish, sometimes called Anatolian. Hand-made rugs from these countries are the best value for the money. You can expect that they will last for many years. Our rug outlet offers a large number of high quality rugs from which to choose. When you visit our showroom, you can browse the options and learn to recognize the characteristics of the best traditional floor coverings.

To pick a single traditional color for these rugs is not easy. You can find colors in a full range according to your personal preferences. Burgundy, red, blue and green are quite common, but you can also see patterns in gold, brown and cream colors. You may want to choose the rug that appeals to you most and then pick the rest of the room's furnishings to complement the rug. Chances are good that your traditional style floor covering will last longer than the best furnishings and window treatments.

Browsing for a preferred pattern and color scheme is an enjoyable way to plan the investment in the floor covering of choice. Take the time to choose a rug that you will appreciate for years to come.

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