Stair Tread Rugs

When a house has more than one level, there are usually stairs which help to define the heights of the various areas of the home. The stairs may only be one or two, leading from an entryway into a  living area. Sometimes, eight or ten steps will mark the difference when the house is a “split-level”. A full staircase will be needed when the house has multiple stories. In each of these instances, stair rugs are an excellent idea for appearance and for safety.

High quality rugs of this type provide assurance that outdoor steps will be safe to climb when the weather is stormy.  Metal, wood and even concrete surfaces can be slippery. Rugs for the stairs ensure that you can step up or down with less likelihood of a dangerous and painful fall.

Stair tread rugs are noted for their ability to add a more secure footing when ascending or descending the stairs. Falls are one of the most common accidents to occur in the home, so anything which can be done to avoid slipping while using the stairs is beneficial. When you buy rugs for the stairs, you should ensure that they do not slip on the hard surface as well.

This type of floor covering can cover the entire width of the step and riser, or may be centered on the stairs to offer contrast with the wood or other material which forms the stairs themselves. The best rugs can be found when you visit our showroom online or in person.

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