Square Rugs

square rugs

Beautiful square rugs are noted for their symmetry both in the measurements and in their patterns. These rugs are suitable for rooms of various sizes, although the size of the rug should be kept in scale with the rest of the room. The rug size should also blend with the size of the furnishings which are placed on or around its edges. Square area rugs help to define a particular area or function of the room.

Today's materials allow for the creation of square outdoor rugs which are both aesthetically pleasing and durable. Such rugs must be able to withstand moisture and the sun's ultraviolet rays without fading or deterioration. They can be placed on a patio or deck for attractive outdoor living areas, or in a gazebo or summerhouse.

The range of colors available today makes it easy to shop for the exact hue in the shape and size of rug that you want for your home. The color you choose can become a blend of other colors in your room or can be a color which draws the eye to it first, and the other elements of the room retreat into the background.

Square floor coverings may be presented like a piece of fine art with a border which sets off the design in the center of the piece. The variation in colors provide decorating opportunities which make the entire room look just the way you want it. These high quality rugs can still be very affordable when you visit our showroom to look over the selection we offer.

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