Southwestern Rugs

southwestern style rugs

Native American weavers in the southwestern part of the United States are noted for the beauty of the hand-woven rugs and blankets. Tourists stop at small shops to browse the options displayed. Southwestern rugs are now sold online as well, through our outlet. Southwest rugs encompass more than just the Navajo nation weaving efforts. They include stylized suns, diamonds, stallions, and other themes incorporated into rugs of various shapes and sizes.

High quality hand-woven rugs are a category of products which we are proud to carry. Our customers know they can buy with confidence when they visit our showroom outlet to browse and shop for affordable rug décor items for their homes. The durability of the materials is another exceptional feature. Hand-spun wool, woven rugs are something to be treasured for generations. Some families use them for wall hangings as well as for rugs in the traditional sense.

The southwest themed rugs are created in colors that match the landscape around the weavers. You can see desert sunsets and sunrises. There are the purple shadows of mountains in the distance. Sandstone mesas and red rock formations abound in nature and in the rugs produced in a southwest theme.

These decorative area rugs are ideal for placement on a stone or tile floor. The rugs provide some cushioning for the feet as well as warmth on cold desert nights. They are aesthetically appealing and are perfect to use as area definition in a room. There are a range of geometric shapes in both the rugs and the designs.

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