Shop Rugs by Size

Finding the right rug sizes for your rooms is a critical element in making sure the design comes together as you had hoped. You can browse our rugs by size for the best suggestions and options. While most rooms can use one or more of the standard rug sizes to create the look you want, others will require custom size rugs for the best results.

While taking exact room measurements is a crucial part  of the rug shopping experience, it is not the only size element that you should think about. The rug should be in sync with the size of the room. Too large and the rug is not properly framed by the floor around it. Too small and the rug tends to get lost visually. Of course, when the color is powerful or the design is strong, a smaller rug may work in the space.

Area rug sizes should also be put in the appropriate relationship with the furniture in the room. A good balance between the furniture and the common rug sizes are those which allow furniture groupings to be either fully on the rug or comfortably surrounding it. There must be walking room on a normal pathway through the room.

You may need to shop for oversized rugs if the room is large enough and the furniture is the right scale to look natural and normal for the specific room size rugs you choose.  Either way, when you visit our showroom, you can be sure of the high quality we offer on all of our products.

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