Silk Rugs

Silk rugs come in Turkish, Chinese and Oriental styles. For centuries a silk rug hand-made by native artisans have ranked as the epitome of rug beauty. A genuine silk rug is an investment which can be passed down from one generation to another. If you choose to obtain one of the real Persian silk rugs, it can be at a sizable price. Those who appreciate the beauty and quality are well aware of the value of the piece.

The best rugs are often displayed in the same way that would be done for a bit of fine art. The only difference is that it is displayed on the floor rather than on the wall. Because of their value, particular care must be taken to maintain their appearance and their condition. You might also be interested in wool and silk rugs, the mixture of wool fibers and silk fibers adds a different dimension to the beautiful floor covering pieces.

Taking care of a silk rug can be best done by a professional. You should perform regular vacuuming and call in the professionals when there is obvious buildup of dirt and debris. The vacuuming process should not be done on any fringe. You should never use hot water to clean silk, as it will cause the fibers to deteriorate.

Professionals have the knowledge and experience to choose the best method for cleaning the most valuable of floor coverings. You would not want to risk losing your investment in silk rugs because of improper or inadequate cleaning methods.

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