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When you shop for rugs, it's important to consider the shape of the rug and how it fits into the space where it will be placed. The color and size of the rug are critical to your home decorating efforts, and the fiber of which the rug is made will affects its durability and functionality, but choosing rugs by shape is as much of an exercise in aesthetics as is choosing the color.

Some of the most commonly found shapes for rugs are rectangular rugs and oval rugs. You can also find round rugs which are perfect for some rooms and furniture arrangements. Square rugs may be the best choice for other rooms. You are likely to choose rug runners for long and narrow spaces such as hallways.

The decision of which shape of rug you want to place in the room will depend to some degree on whether it is the furnishings or the floor covering that you want to highlight. Some decorators prefer to contrast shapes of the rug and the furniture. For example, a rectangular dining room table might be set on a larger round rug, if you desire to emphasize the furniture. When the rug itself is the preferred focal point, you would arrange the furniture around the rug, such as in a conversation area surrounding a square or rectangular area rug.

Visit our showroom to look over some of the examples of rug shapes and furniture arrangements. For best results, you will want to bring measurements of the area you are decorating with a high quality rug.

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