Rug Runners

rug runners

Rug runners are a long and narrow type of floor covering commonly used in hallways. They can also be perfect for heavy traffic wear areas in order to protect the surface of the underlying floor or floor covering. Runner rugs help to direct guests and family members to the areas of most use in the home. Choosing this type of protective floor covering can still be a simple matter when you visit our showroom. Some of the things to consider include how the runner will be kept clean, how its color scheme and design blends with the décor of the home, and how well the rug stays in place.

 The long narrow runner protects wood floors, for example from scuffs and scratches caused by outdoor footwear in the foyer or entryway of the home. The rug can be made of man-made or natural materials and the color chosen to blend with the rest of the décor, or sometimes to serve as a transition area between two types of floor coverings or living areas. Some runners are used on steps or stairs to guide movement to another level or story in the home.

 When choosing this type of floor covering, some of the same rules for selection apply. The color and texture can be selected to serve as a focal point, or to quietly blend with the rest of the room's décor. You can check the options when you visit our showroom outlet to see high quality, yet affordable floor coverings of all types and styles.

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