Round Rugs

round rugs

You can visit our showroom to view a selection of the best and most affordable round area rugs available. Round rugs can be a focal point in the room, in and of themselves, or can be a way to direct traffic or to delineate areas for specific usage, without the need for erecting walls or other impediments to the line of sight.

In certain design styles, such as Early American, round braided rugs enhance the overall theme of the room. Their mixture of colors and tones serve as an attractive, yet fairly neutral base for the rest of the room.

When you shop for this type of rug, it is important to keep the size of the rug in scale with the rest of the room and with the furniture groupings. If the edges of the rug extend into the normal pathway through a room, the likelihood of tripping is significant. Conversely, if the furniture extends partway past the edges of the rug, the balance of the furniture items can be affected.

In addition, a sharp edge of a coffee table, for example, becomes a danger to those who rely on the edge of the rug to guide them in a safe pathway. If it extends into the pathway, damage to the furniture can be noted. Careful measurements of the furnishings, the rug and the room size will help to prevent this problem.

Round outdoor rugs have the durability that is required to last through weather extremes and still provide the aesthetic appeal that you are looking for in a rug.

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