Red Rugs

red rugs

Red is considered one of the most powerful colors on the color wheel. Most people would use the color red sparingly in a room. However, red rugs can become an amazingly attractive choice for floor coverings when paired with furnishings and accessories that blend or contrast with the red floor coverings. 

Small red area rugs can become an anchor for black or white conversational seating arrangements. The red increases the vitality in the space and adds to the energy for the conversationalists. When you are searching for a way to enliven the atmosphere of any room, adding a red rug may be the perfect answer.

A red chevron rug offers a bold statement in a living or family room, but may also be used in an indoor outdoor capacity. The chevron pattern is a slightly diluted version of the full red floor covering.

Red is not limited to a living or family room. You might want to consider using red kitchen rugs to add a spot of color in an otherwise white or black kitchen. The kitchen rugs should be resistant to water, as well as to food and drink spills. The color enlivens the kitchen space and also serves to soften the sometimes hard angles which are common in a kitchen area.

When you shop for high quality rugs, regardless of the color, you should visit our showroom for the best options. The outlet gives you the opportunity to buy affordable floor coverings. In addition to picking the colors you like, you can also choose the style, fiber and size that fits your needs.

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