Rectangular Rugs

Rectangular rugs are perfect for rooms that are square or rectangular. So long as you keep the scale of the room in mind when selecting the rug size, the rug will pull together various elements of the room décor into one cohesive hold. Rectangular braided rugs are usually associated with a particular design style, such as Early Americana.

Because of their design, braided rugs tend to be thicker than other types of rugs. This will be a consideration when you are thinking about placement and size of the rugs in the room. If it will interfere with a door opening or closing, you may want to reconsider the placement.

Placement of a rug where it will be in a well-traveled route through a room or between rooms can cause trip-and-fall accidents. This needs to be checked when you are placing your furnishings and rugs in a room.

Rectangular rugs come with all over patterns, solid single colors or blends of colors. They may feature a border and central design motif. This design will be attractive as the focal point of the room. In this instance, the furniture placed atop the rug will be minimal, in order to gain the full benefit of the rug features. Some attractive rugs use geometric or floral designs to enhance the décor of the room. In this instance, there is an aesthetically appealing mix and balance to the components of the room.

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