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Our selection of rugs by print is a fun category to check out when you visit our showroom outlet. You may choose an animal print rug for a den or for a child who loves animals. Your options include real animals such as a zebra print rug or a leopard print rug, or more whimsical animal print rugs featuring creatures that you would never see in a zoo. We not only have representations of real animals lifelike enough to move, but more abstract designs which call the specific animal to mind.

Our floral print rugs are available in traditional designs which go back hundreds of years, but are also created to look as modern as a fresh coat of paint. The advantage of floral rugs is that they can be found in almost any color or combination of colors, as well as in many different materials.

Chevron print rugs are intended to bring color and the WOW! factor into a room. They are available in many different color combinations and sizes.  They can be paired with solid colors for a very modern and appealing look.

The appeal of geometric print rugs is timeless. Since rugs tend to come in basic geometric shapes, adding designs replicating those same shapes adds eye-catching emphasis to the features you want to promote.

Tribal print rugs are a category with growing appeal to modern homeowners. They may feature colors and patterns that add emphasis to a room without causing confusion. There are many designs to choose from including those which are fairly simple, as well as more complex designs.

Browse our selections online, or search rugs by category. By checking out our showroom selections, you may find additional intriguing décor options.

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