braided rugs

Oval rugs are essentially rectangular rugs with the corners rounded off. However, they were originally constructed in a different fashion. Unlike the woven versions, which were created on a loom, oval area rugs were often made of long braids of fabric or cords beginning with a long central line. Oval braided rugs were popular among thrifty households because they could be constructed with rags and scraps of materials not useful for any other purpose.

Today's ovals are made of high quality materials and are available when you visit our showroom outlet. An oval floor covering is designed to be the focus of attention. The manu8facturing capabilities today allow you to buy an oval with traditional designs which mimic fine Oriental carpets. They might feature a border of one color with a background field holding a traditional Turkish design, or a floral image.

These rugs are intended to be the focus of attention. Their beauty makes them perfect for area rugs in a conversation pit or other furniture grouping. When choosing one of these oval beauties, look for a color scheme that is compatible with the overall room décor. The size should also be appropriate for the space available in the room. Think of an oval as being a fine art display on your floor, rather than on your wall and give it the space it so richly deserves.

When you visit our showroom, we will be happy to work with you to demonstrate how these lovely rugs can be given a place of prominence in your home.

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