Most home owners think of rugs as an indoor fixture of the home. There might be a small rug or mat place in front of doors which will help to prevent mud and dirt from being tracked into the foyer or other rooms of the home. This type of outdoor rugs are designed to be sturdy and durable. They can be made of material designed to capture the mud, as those entering the house pause to wipe their shoes. You can buy rugs such as these cheaply in places ranging from supermarkets to thrift stores. However if you want a high quality rug, it's best to visit our showroom and look over the very affordable selection here.

Outdoor area rugs are another type of carpet which is found in places such as patios or gazebos. These rugs are somewhat larger than the “Welcome” mats which are utilitarian in nature. They are meant to be decorative in nature and to define space, just as area rugs indoors do. However, because they are often exposed to various types of harsh weather, they will have special characteristics not found in an indoor rug. For example, they will often be water-resistant and will be better able to resist fading from the sun's rays.

Indoor outdoor rugs are intended to bridge the gap between a strictly indoor rug and one which is hardy enough to place in a gazebo, exposed to the weather. In either case, the rugs are attractive enough to make your outdoor living space a place of beauty and durable enough to last through more than one season of exposure to weather elements.

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