Oriental Rugs

oriental rugs

The label “Oriental rugs” is applied to rugs from many different countries. In the East, China and Vietnam produce the rugs and in the West, Iran, Cyprus, Maghreb and Turkey produce the artistic pieces. People from the Caucasus contribute from the north, and India and Pakistan are artists from the south. Antique Oriental rugs have been desired by Western collectors for many years.

Because the label “Oriental rug” is applied to designs from so many different artisans and countries, it is difficult to precisely define the look of Oriental area rugs. You can, however, know that the most valued ones are those which are hand-made, sometimes requiring thousands of hours of work for a single rug.

Typically, rugs are either knotted or woven either with or without pile. The material used for Oriental rugs can be cotton, wool or silk. The cost of Oriental rugs for sale is dependent upon the size, design complexity and material of which it is made.

If you are in the market for a high quality Oriental rug, it is probably something that is best viewed when you visit our showroom outlet. You can see the quality of the rug and examine it closely. The color palette under the type of light which will be present in your home is important.  Some homeowners elect to buy the rug first and then plan the décor of the room around the rug. Falling in love with a beautiful Oriental rug is a once in a lifetime experience.

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