Orange Rugs

orange rugs

Certain colors are associated with particular holidays, at least in the United States. For example, orange is typically associated with Halloween, with fall festivals and with Thanksgiving. You might think of decorating a room in fall colors to lend a warm and inviting glow to the atmosphere. An orange rug can help to warm up the ambiance of the room. It is not as harsh as red and is a nice change from the sunshine yellow which is on the opposite site of orange on the color wheel.

Because orange is not a weak color, it might be overpowering if used as a floor covering for the entire room. Instead, many choose to use an orange area rug in a relatively small size to highlight or define an area in a larger room. A dark corner may be lightened by using lights and the harvest color judiciously.

The color orange is associated with certain moods, as well as with seasons and with holidays. You may link orange with feelings of sunshine, warmth, joy, creativity and success. Good health, fun sexuality and freedom of expression are other mood and personality links with the color.

When you want a stand-out accent rug, an orange chevron rug is not likely to go unnoticed. Orange is paired with white in a woven chevron pattern for an high quality ultra-modern look, regardless of the size of the room. Chevron designs are also often found as an indoor-outdoor rug.  They could be appropriate for a patio or gazebo as well as for a sun-room.

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