Living Room Rugs

For those home owners who want rugs in the living areas of their home, picking the right style and color is a major decision. There are many types of carpeting ranging from living room area rugs to carpeting which extends from wall-to-wall. There are also variations in the level of padding which is placed beneath the floor covering. The choice of a living room rug will be affected by the lifestyle of the family, as well as the location and style of the home.

Where the center of the home is in the living room, a different type of floor covering is required than when most of the activities take place in a family room. Family room rugs are often of a more durable construction, since foods and drinks may be consumed in a family room which would not happen in a living room.

The choice of carpets may also be affected by whether or not there are pets in the household. Most people who have pets understand the amount of dirt and debris which can be carried into a residence by a pet who is allowed outdoors at times.

The type of material of which the rug is constructed can be man-made or natural fibers. This choice will make a difference in the life expectancy of the carpeting, as well as in the cleaning methods which must be carried out. The type of fiber will also be important in determining how resistant the rug is to spills and stains.

For those who are fond of a particular color or fiber, it may be surprising to learn how many additional rug characteristics should be considered before buying.

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