Hand Knotted Rugs

hand knotted rugs

Hand knotted rugs, as the name indicates is a product in which the pile or decorative elements are created by individually tying the threads to the backing. Master craftsmen with years of experience will spend as much as a year completing a single rug. The time involved in creating these rugs is what makes them more expensive than many of the other types. The benefit for purchasing one of the handmade rugs is that they are a good investment. They typically last much longer than other types of rugs.

Hand hooked rugs are usually made from silk, cotton or wool. The materials vary in weight and thickness and so the silk rugs are finer and require more work than a wool rug. Either way, the finished rug is a finely crafted product that is designed to last for many years. The rugs can be placed even in areas where there is high traffic and will hold up well. These high impact rugs are considered a more formal rug than a flat weave type, but are very effective where you are looking for a luxurious feel.

Area rugs which are hand tied are works of art placed in a position of prominence in the home.  Because they often have traditional designs, you can pick the color palette that suits your rooms and home style. You know that you will be getting the best possible quality from this type. Take time to look over the options and learn as much as you can about what to expect from the rug style before making the investment.

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