Grey Rugs

Contrary to popular belief, the color grey doesn't have to be dull and depressing, even when used over a large area as a gray area rug. The range of shades which are classified as gray range from the palest smoke color to the darkest charcoal gray. A pale grey rug is a good choice for those people who want the lighter floor coverings, but are not ready to go all the way to white.

A grey area rug, like other area rugs, defines an area in a room that is a focal point, or that signifies a particular use which is intended. An example is an area rug of gray in a dining room. The color is neutral so that the colors of the dining set or other furnishings really become the visual focus of the room.

By contrast, using a grey chevron rug brings the attention back to the rug and it becomes the point of interest in a room. You can add furnishings with a bright color or just a color spot or two to look very sophisticated in a minimalist way.

Grey as a basic color for rugs can be paired with black or white. It is also a striking combo when red, blue or purple is the balancing color. You can visit our showroom for even more decorating ideas using our wide range of affordable, yet high quality floor coverings. Visiting us online is another option, but to get the best results for true color, looking at the colors in person is the opportunity you need.

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