Green Rugs

green rugs

Like many other colors, rugs produced in a green hue cover a wide range of actual shades and intensities. You can generalize by saying that a green rug signifies spring colors and an outdoor theme in a room. The popularity of green area rugs are due to the many shades which can be purchased at our outlet. We are proud of the number of options which we offer.

Grass green is used in some homes. A celery green rug can be a light and pleasant way to anchor a room. Even darker shades of green are a great base for a room that has a light and airy feel. Lighter furniture and a dark floor covering are a good match.

Many of the shades of green are appropriate for indoor outdoor carpet.  Wicker furniture placed on a dark green carpet is a very attractive pairing. Darker furniture is a more sedate look when combined with a green rug in a dark color. It may be too somber for your taste, but on the other hand, it is a combination that works well in a den or study where serious reading takes place.

Using the shades of green that are available with spring colors will brighten up a room. Green paired with yellow, blue or purple in a floral design is a light-hearted way to bring color into a room.

Our shop features high quality affordable options in a wide range of colors and styles. You can find the best rugs for any purpose and room size.

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