Greek Key Rugs

greek key rugs

A Greek key rug is a particular design which is said to have originated in ancient Greek. The early form of the design is found as an architectural feature on temples and shrines to the various deities. Greek key rugs incorporate the modern version of the stylistic element. The design is formed by a single continuous line. The line appears in the angles of the bolder of the two colors placed on the lighter background.

Although often used as a border originally, the version which appears on rugs is made up of blocks in which the key appears. It can be a single iteration within the block or multiple ones. The boldness of the design has been a primary reason for the more recent popularity of the Greek “meander” It can be created using any colors, usually one stronger in intensity than the other.

The very boldness of the pattern means that other elements of the room's furnishings may need to have less impact unless a very powerful room is desired. Most homeowners don't want to feel overpowered by the rooms in which they live. The Greek line represents a nice compromise between a bold statement and enjoyment of the space.

The rug itself can be composed of any of the typical fibers. Care and cleaning instructions for the design will depend upon the fibers of which it is constructed. Since the rug is almost certain to attract a lot of attention, you will want to take the steps to ensure it looks its best at all times.

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