geometric area rug

The term geometric rugs can refer to the shape of the rug or to the shape of the designs which decorate it. Most rugs come in only a few basic designs, particularly round, oval, square and rectangular. Occasionally you will find one with a free form or other shape. Geometric area rugs have many of the same options available in the prints that decorate the surface of the rug.

One type of woven geometric floor covering print is created by using alternating light and dark colors in geometric patterns throughout the surface of the rug. The colors could be contrasting such as black and white. Alternatively, they can be monochromatic with colors in the same hue but with different intensities. It doesn't need to be just two colors either. A three or four color arrangement is typical if you consider plaid as a geometric design.

Rather than having the design woven into the rug itself, you can use colors to create geometric shapes on a different color background. As an example, you might use red circles on a white background or white triangles on a blue background. More than two colors can be used in this type of design, as well. The geometric shapes can be evenly placed, or can appear random across the surface of the rug.

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