floral rug

Lifelike or stylistic representations of flowers have long been a popular rug theme. The oldest hand-made rugs from the Orient often featured flower designs. These floral rugs now are considered as works of art and are highly prized. When you are looking for a flower rug today, it is likely to be used on the floor, rather than placed on the wall as an artistic feature in a room. However, the beauty of a rug with a floral design makes it an attractive focal center of a room or furniture grouping.

A floral design is available in almost any color found in nature, as well as a few which would be difficult to imagine in the wild. This makes a flower floor covering particularly flexible as an anchor for the rest of the room's furnishings and accessories.

A pattern of flowers will often feature major and minor colors in the palette. Using the same colors in the furnishing and window treatments makes the room look more pulled together.

The shapes of the flowers may be combined or contrasted with the other elements in the room. For example a very flowing and curved flower design may be combined with more boxy or streamlined furniture. Conversely, a very light and fanciful design in furniture can be paired with a whimsical flower field to make a room with an entirely different feel.

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