Flat Weave Rugs

flat weave rug

When rugs are woven on a loom, they are called flat weave rugs. The other common way of producing a rug is by knotting it. Some common types of flat weaves include tapestry, needlepoint, sumaks, kilims and Aubussons. This type of rug is very common online and in showrooms. Because of the traditional nature of the craft, there is growing interest in several nations in the formation of groups of artisans. This joint effort helps to  preserve the knowledge and skills from past generations.

Affordable rugs are available from our showroom and our online outlet. These are high quality rugs created by those artisans who know what they are doing and want to share their work with customers. Because the rugs tend to be thinner than knotted versions they can be more versatile. They are used as floor coverings, wall hangings, prayer rugs and even saddle pads. They do not provide as much insulation as knotted rugs.

The best  flat weave wool rug options are made in various Middle Eastern countries. The traditional patterns which are used can be centuries old. In other areas of the world, manufacturers have turned to industrial machines in order to speed up the process of manufacturing. The mechanized process makes the rugs more affordable.

Regardless of the purpose for your new rug, learning more about the designs and materials will help to make the best choices for your rooms and preferences. Look for the composition and color which fits the purpose and take advantage of the best prices around. 

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