Dining Room Rugs

rug for dining room

Homes with a formal dining room have the option of using a dining table rug to make the room appear more gracious. A high quality room deserves the best possible floor covering to set off the other furnishings in the room. Although aesthetic appeal is always important in floor coverings, dining room area rugs are expected to have additional features for the best results.

Dining room rugs should always be designed to be stain and spill resistant. No matter how careful you are about dining habits, accidents happen where food, drink and people are intermingled. You will want to take a careful look at whether the floor covering has built in stain-guard features.

Even if the rug is stain resistant, it is important to be aware of cleaning methods and techniques which work on the particular type of fiber and backing of the rug. The ease of cleaning may affect your choice of floor covering.

Many people find that a low pile and closely woven rug works best in this area. The color can add emphasis to an elegant room and fine furnishing. The use of a rug over hard surface floors cuts down on noise and makes dining a more relaxed experience. The effective use of color adds to the enjoyment of dining.

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