damask rugs

Damask is defined as a reversible figured fabric with the pattern created by the weave. It is usually made from silk, wool, cotton or synthetic fibers. A damask rug has the look of damask with today's methods and technology making a wide range of colors and patterns possible. A damask area rug is a beautiful showpiece for a room. In smaller dimensions, it serves as an accent piece for almost any size room or any purpose.

Designs on a damask rug can be very traditional in nature or can be upgraded to be very modern. The colors used in the weaving may not be as distinctly different as those found with other styles of rug, which makes this type of floor covering one which is beautiful, yet it remains in the background. This characteristic makes it easier to incorporate more definitive furniture and window treatments without the risk of the room becoming too “busy”.

Colors can be more muted in nature, especially when the pattern used in the weave is very strong and repetitious. Pale blue, grey, tan and beige are common choices, yet the rugs still don't look boring, thanks to the woven patterns incorporated into the design.

When searching for the perfect area rug for your home, it helps to take time to browse in person if possible. You will be able to check for the exact color and scale of the rug and its patterns. What looks beautiful on the computer monitor may not quite match the rest of your furnishings once you see them in the same room.

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