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Today's home fashions come in many colors. You no longer are limited to a few washed out colors for rugs in your home. You can find colorful rugs in almost any color on the color wheel.  This allows the home decorator to find a look and color palette which will satisfy the most cutting-edge ideas in the home furnishings and floor coverings marketplace. Colorful area rugs are used to add emphasis to an otherwise bland design or to provide visual distinction between areas of use in a sizable open space.

Today's homeowners are not afraid of color. The judicious use of color can make a small room look larger and a large room look more pulled together. Solid color rugs are common, as are Oriental types with soft, muted florals or patterns. There are very bold geometric patterns in today's area rugs. By the careful use of color, homeowners can make the visual flow of the house be more compelling.

Solid color area rugs are  a good choice when there are multiple colors in the rest of the room. You can pick up a single color from  a floral or geometric design  to add emphasis. In more formal areas, white rugs or a grey rug may be the perfect touch to prevent too many colors in a single space.

You can visit our showroom to shop for a selection of the best color options around. By viewing the outlet samples under various lighting conditions, you can determine whether a particular color is the best buy for your home.

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