Chevron Rugs

chevron print rugs

Describing the design of a chevron rug in terms that would be understood without the help of a picture is best done by calling it a zig-zag pattern. The pattern can be woven into the rug or can be obtained by using different colors to form the bars which make up the pattern. Chevron rugs are very attractive in either format. Visit our showroom to see how chevron print patterns can work in your home.

By using the weave concept to form the chevrons, two or more varying pile heights, or stitch sizes are used on the surface of the rug. The long rows of large knots, for example, are set at an angle to the long rows of open work or relatively flat pile height. In this instance, the color is the same throughout; it is the weave that forms the basis for the chevrons.

A chevron area rug is a great way to define the dimensions of a particular area in a room without the need for everything to appear “squared off”. Because the chevrons carry the eyes toward the corners of the rug, it can make the room appear larger than it actually is.

The colors used in an area rug don't have to be bold colors. A grey chevron rug paired with black makes a striking statement, but the same grey color paired with a lighter grey or white can appear muted in comparison. Similarly, a yellow chevron rug paired with a paler yellow adds a touch of sunshine to the room, but if combined with a bright orange, the look and feel of the room is quite different.

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