Brown Rugs

brown rugs

Brown rugs come in a wide range of shades. A creamy brown is may be only a shade off white, or it may be a deep, rich chocolate. Dark brown area rugs paired with cream or with warm colors such as orange shades can be an attractive focal point in a room.  High quality rugs add to the look and feel of wood furnishings in a room.

A cocoa color rug is a nice alternative to pure white carpeting and is still enough of a neutral color that it can be paired with many major or accessory colors to personalize the décor of the room. Darker shades in the floor covering can be broken up with attractive patterns or designs either in the weave or in the colors.

Rugs can be woven, such as the modern Berber type carpets with a very short pile. The other end of the range is a brown shag rug which can be warm and comforting. This might be used in a bedroom, so that when you step out your bed in the morning, you can sink your toes in the long shag of a soft rug.

Modern fibers are a improvement over the cheap man-made fibers of past years. They often have stain and dirt repellent qualities built into the fibers and the backing. If you prefer, you can pick the natural wool fiber for its beauty and long life. The high quality of affordable floor coverings makes them a popular option for homeowners in need of attractive and functional rugs.

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