Braided Rugs

braided rugs

Braided rugs are a staple of Early American settlers who needed to make use of all the products available to them. Although there are several different methods of making a braided rug, they are easy to master and can be done by anyone as a do-it-yourself project, using scraps of outgrown or out-of-fashion clothing. Better yet, visit our showroom for the high quality braid materials which will provide affordable, yet attractive results.

Braided floor coverings, because of their construction typically come in either round braided rugs or oval braided rugs shape. In either form, the “braid” is formed into an expanding diameter circle or oval from the center outward. Popular colors for braided rugs are those which were available during the 17th and 18th centuries, but buyers today are not limited to the more somber colors. They can be any color which fits the décor and the color scheme of the room.

Braids can be of a single color and be paired with other colors in a different braid as the diameter of the rug expands. Alternately the Braids can combine two or more different colors and will be consistent in color throughout the body of the rug. Care for these styles is best done by using the services of a professional cleaner. The proper techniques will vary by the type of material from which the braids are constructed. Cloth braids or yarn braids are the most common types of materials. They can be constructed as a traditional braided rug or as a flat braid.

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