Blue Rugs

blue area rugs

Perhaps because there are so many variations of the color blue, it is one of the more popular colors for a floor covering. A blue rug can be appropriate for almost every room in the house. Bedrooms can feature a blue striped rug to set off the furnishings the rest of the room. Blue is considered a cool color, so the use of blue makes the room look larger. In a warm climate, blue may be selected to make the room seem cooler.

A navy blue rug might be a selection when you want to set off light colored furniture or accessories. Navy blue and white wicker is a popular look for vacation homes or those which feature a nautical theme. The simple solid colors can be accompanied by florals or geometric patterns on the floor covering.

If you are looking for a less overwhelming presentation of color, blue area rugs are perfect for a smaller room. You can use them to define a conversation area in a living room or a reading nook in a den or family. Pastel blues are another option that is popular for a bedroom or a powder room. Although many people consider blue to be the preferred color for baby boys, there is nothing which requires that to be true.

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