Black Rugs

black area rugs

When you are looking for basics in a floor covering, it's difficult to get more basic than using a black rug. A solid color black floor covering paired with bright accent pieces or a white floor is a striking decorating statement. A black and white rug is just one way to use the stark contrast to highlight the areas of any room.

When you use black area rugs and combine them with touches of color, such as red or yellow, you have set a room worthy of a home design magazine. The nice thing about black as the main floor covering color is that it can be paired with almost any other color and still be a striking picture.

Black rugs are often produced with patterns of geometric style. Chevron style, Greek key, or abstract designs are popular. There are even floral designs which are done in black and white.

Although some people think that black rugs are a good option because they are less likely to show dirt. It's still a good idea to choose a rug that repels stains and spills. If there are pets in the home, this can be a factor, since anything light colored will show up more readily on the dark surface.

Black rugs are available in different fibers, pile lengths and be purchased in different sizes to best fit the room. A high quality rug can be a sizable investment in your home, so finding one with the best expectation for a long life is the way to make the cost per year of use most affordable.

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