Animal Print Rugs

animal print rug

The idea of animal print rugs may seem like only a nursery or child's room option until you take the time to browse our selection of animal rugs. There are some rugs which would be perfect for inclusion in a room for older children, others are more nursery level. The high quality rugs you can see at our shop go far beyond just coloring book zebras and tigers. Our best floor coverings are designed to evoke the idea of animals, without a photographic level of detail.

You can rest assured that no animals are harmed in the making of our rugs, yet you can find the black and white prints that remind you of a zebra. The gold and brown stripes of a big cat are part of other rug prints. You can also choose the spots of a leopard to complement your room décor.

The range of colors and animals represented in these floor coverings will kick-start your imagination and decorating possibilities. You don't have to stick to a jungle theme in the entire room in order to appreciate the range of décor opportunities presented by a black and white (zebra) print rug. Pairing solid color furnishings with an animal print rug is a clever use of color without the need of an environmentally correct surrounding for the specific animal.

In other words, just because you choose a tiger print for your floor covering, doesn't mean that the rest of the room must look like an Amazon jungle. Think color combinations and use the print for its color value rather than for its animal representation.

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