In order to use 9 x 12 rugs in proportion with a room, the room must be fairly large. Alternatively, you could cover a room of this size in the same way that wall-to-wall carpet would be used. A room measures 9 feet by 12 feet is relatively small. It would perhaps hold a child's bed and furnishing comfortably. Finding a high quality room-sized rug which is suitable for a child's room is easy when you visit our showroom. Our rug outlet provides affordable options, regardless of the type of room you are decorating.

A much larger room can handle rugs with dimension such as these. Depending upon the style and pattern of the large rug it can be a beautiful focal point of a room. You won't want to cover up the rug with a lot of furnishings. Let the beauty of the pattern, materials and colors become a feast for the eyes.

If you want to emphasize the furnishings in the room, try the aesthetically appealing style of a damask rug in a muted color and balance it with attractive classical or contemporary furniture.  When you visit our showroom, we can help you determine possible decorating ideas which would work for your rooms, when you want a sizable rug on display.

Our selection is sizable. You can find rugs in natural fibers, wool, cotton, silk or man-made materials. You are only limited by your imagination and creativity. If you have style preferences, those can be accommodated as well.

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