8 x 10 Area Rugs

When you are thinking of purchasing a rug to fit a living room in your home, the size is important. A large room might hold 8 x 10 area rugs perfectly.  Depending on how proud you are of the floor beneath the area rug, you could use the rug as a conversation pit area, or as a major floor covering in the room. Taking careful measurements before you buy is important, You should also think about the scale of the furniture which you will place atop or around the rug.

Hard surface floors and luxurious area rugs are a wonderful mix for your rooms. You have a range of colors to choose from when you visit our showroom outlet. You can use rugs with a strong pattern or vibrant color to really stand out. Think about colors and patterns in contemporary designs for an exciting room. There are many choices around the color wheel so you can mix and match to your heart's content. You will always find a rug that will blend perfectly with the style you prefer.

An area rug with these dimensions can also be found in more traditional styles. A hand woven area rug from Turkey, China or Iran is a valuable investment  and will last for many years with proper care. Because the Orientals tend to be traditional in color and design, they blend well with a more traditional room style and furnishings. Compromise between the two extremes may be your preferred style. You get the traditional designs with the added benefit of more modern colors and motifs.

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