7 x 9 Rugs

7 x 9 rugs are large enough to hold many items of furniture in small groupings. They can also serve as a wide open focal point for a room. A hand-knotted rug of Anatolian design would be beautiful in a open room with space around the edges to show off the hard surface tile or wood floors. When you have beautiful hard surface floors, you don't want to cover them up with a full carpet, but using a mid-dimensional rug allows you to have the softening and warming effect of rugs.

Fine rugs are an investment in your home, especially if they are the type of high quality Oriental rug that will last for years and years. We can assure you that these are the best rugs in the marketplace and that they are affordable, especially when you consider that they are typically long-lived.  Shop and buy wisely and you will have the rug  to enjoy for years and years.

When you want to check out the available colors and patterns in this popular size, take the time to visit our showroom outlet. We carry wool, man-made, natural fibers, as well as cotton and silk. Hand-knotted rugs are likely to be the most costly, but they are also considered the finest and most durable. They are beautiful and have centuries of traditional patterns and designs behind them.

If you prefer a contemporary look, you can find those at our rug outlet, as well. Bold colors and designs in multiple sizes and fibers mean that choosing the right rug may be harder than you expected.

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