The best of 6 x 9 rugs in hand-knotted style may be placed in almost any room of the house. The mid-sized dimension also makes a good option for a patio or deck. In every instance, it is the material of which the rug is made that will help you decide whether to select natural fiber, wool, cotton, silk or man-made fibers. We are a major rug outlet with a major selection of affordable and high quality rugs. We want the customers who visit our showroom to be happy with the reception and to enjoy the shop.

When you are thinking of buying a rug for any room of your home, you should begin with some careful measurements of the area which will hold the rug. When you have a large room, a 6 x 9 rug may be too small to look right. In order to look like it is in scale, the deciding factor will be the size of the furniture which surrounds the floor rug. It is probably not large enough to comfortably hold furniture. Perhaps side by side arm chairs with a reading lamp between would be an appropriate use of the area rug.

A rug with this length and width might be a good size for a spacious foyer or entryway. It could also be the right dimensions as part of a sitting area in a master suite. Checking the size first and then the material of which the rug is made will prevent many of the common rug-buying errors.

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