5 x 7 Rugs

As you move into area rugs which are slightly larger than foyer size,  you might want to look at 5 x 7 rugs. This size which allows for development of the repetition which is a standard of traditional and transitional rugs. A time to visit our showroom is when you have determined that you want the best quality in an affordable price.  A mid-sized dimensional rug is a good option for a small living room.  Two or more of this size area rug would make a nice addition to a family room or even a patio or sizable deck.

The area where the rugs will be located will be an important factor in the type of material that is used in construction or manufacture of the rug. A flat weave rug is lighter so provides less insulation value. It is however, easy to launder, if the type of material allows for washing. Rugs that are resistant to fading is a characteristic that is needed when the rug will be placed in an outdoor area, or if it is an indoor-outdoor rug.

Most people want to buy a rug that is affordable. It's important to remember, though that when you buy a high quality rug its lifespan is likely to be measured in years rather than in months. Shop our outlet for additional ideas about a new look for your home, indoors or outdoors. You will like the options which are readily available in the most modern colors and patterns, or those which are more traditional in nature.

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