4 x 6 Rugs

Rugs in the popular four foot by six foot size are ideal for a number of room sizes and purposes. If your living room is fairly small, 4 x 6 rugs allow for a defined furniture arrangement without making the room look smaller because the rug is too large for the scale of the rug and the surrounding furnishings.  In a larger living room, you might use the handy size rug to provide several use areas. A couple of armchairs for watching television with a rug in front  is a cozy look.

In bedrooms, this size rug can be a good bedside rug providing soft and warm comfort for your feet when you first climb out of bed. Bedroom rugs are often more luxurious and thicker than in other rooms of the home.

For kitchens or bathrooms, or wherever there is moisture, you might want to consider a rug that is washable. At a minimum, flat woven rugs of this size are suitable. Another use for this mid-sized rug dimension is on the patio or in a gazebo. It expands your living space into the outdoors in a comfortable way.  You will want to ensure that you use a material which will not be vulnerable to ultraviolet rays of the sun, or to weather-related moisture.

The size of the rug is important, but so are the other features of the area rug. A stop at our rug outlet will help you look over the many options which are open to you.

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