3 x 5 Rugs

3 x 5 rugs make a great size for an entryway or foyer. The dimensions are large enough to make a statement in a small area. Bright colors or muted colors are the options. You can do bold patterns, animal prints or solid colors. A few of these mid-sized rugs scattered strategically around a large room is hard to top when it comes to eye-catching décor. The best opportunities to shop for attractive and affordable rugs of various dimensions are found when you visit our showroom. You can also check the online outlet for a full catalog.

When you buy a high quality rug, regardless of the size, you will be living with it for many years. Choose a style that you love now and that will still be attractive to you over the life of the area rug. You can replace the window treatments and even the furniture, but a beautiful Oriental rug will last for years and years.

You can choose the look you want at various price levels, depending upon the material that is used in the construction. Wool, silk, natural fiber or cotton all have different feel, looks and advantages. They can be selected to match the needs and preferences you have.

You will need to be aware of the cleaning requirements of your rug. Some materials don't do well with vacuuming, others require frequent attention with the vacuum in order to look good. In most instances, you will do better to have your rugs professionally cleaned. The experts know the correct techniques and products to get the best results from the process.

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