One Rug or Multiple Rugs in a Room?

One Rug or Multiple Rugs in a Room?

Choosing between using one rug or multiple rugs requires some decorating tips.

A single rug is often the best choice to have when matching or complementing elements such as window coverings and pillows in a room.

Multiple rugs can divide a room in different areas whereas one larger rug can bring the features of a room together. Therefore, the overall look you want to create does matter, and it should determine your preference.

One important decorating tip to keep in mind when using multiple rugs in a room is finding complementing rugs and avoiding clones of each other. They should at least have one common aspect such as design, color or size.

Using multiple rugs of different sizes usually defines different areas/sections in a space and creates more interest while using two rugs of the same size divides a room in half.

For example, a designer approach towards the use of multiple rugs would be to use a rug under a coffee table and the front legs of a sofa, a smaller rug to define another sitting area in the vicinity and another small shaggy rug in front of a fireplace.

Here are some ideas when coordinating multiple rugs in a room with the wall colors and upholstery: Keep in mind while designing a room that opposites attract.

A large pattern and a small pattern go well together. Don’t forget that a rug with a pattern most of the time blends better than a rug with a solid color.

A floral rug offers a pleasant contrast alongside geometric designs, and busy rug patterns go well with less ornate designs.

Overall, whether you decide to use one rug or multiple rugs, make sure you decide on the look that you want to create in a particular room, and start searching for the perfect area rug. Please take some time and have a look at our online store where you can find a wide selection of area rugs at outlet prices.