Choosing the Right Type of Rug

Choosing the Right Type of Rug

Choosing the right type of rug is something you need to do well especially with a wide range of available selections of rugs. There are somethings you need to consider when shopping for area rugs.

Type of lifestyle: If you have children or pets, it is probably a bad idea to have a white shag rug in your living room.

Purpose of the rug: A formal living room and a family room where people can sit comfortably require different selections of rugs.

Overall style of the house: An area rug should be in accordance with the tones and textures of your furniture to complement the style of the space.

Feeling preference: Natural fibers such as wool and cotton are the best options if you prefer a softer feel. Organic fibers such as jute and sisal don’t have the same physical warmth but they can still be surprisingly soft.

Size of the room: If you are planning to move, it means that the rug might be too large or small in your new space. Putting a bigger rug in a small room isn’t the best idea as well as putting a smaller rug in a huge room.

Cost: High- quality area rugs are a bit more expensive but they are worth in the long run. You can be satisfied with their durability.

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